Customized e-Learning Solutions

We provide a hosted e-Learning Platform that is White-Labelled according to your corporate identity. It makes use of an advanced Learning Management System (LMS) that is scalable within any organization allowing clients to include additional courses at their convenience. The platform provides a cost-effective way to train employees and communicate new policies and procedures or as a blended-learning solution for schools, colleges and universities. The platform provides access to an admin panel to measure learning activity, track learner progress, grade exams and issue results.

The platform is developed with a user-friendly interface for learners and administrators. The main functionality includes quick, easy access to learning material through a combination of interactivity including text, , audio, video and animation. There is a Learners Dashboard to access courses, modules, lessons, quizzes, exams, other resources and support and an Admin Login for assessment and moderation. The learning methodology requires learners to work through each module, lesson and quiz before completing a final exam.

Our eLearning team includes MBA graduates, SETA accredited trainers and experienced web developers that work together to provide innovative, cost-effective learning solutions. We are focused on customer service excellence and work as an extension of our organization to ensure effective implementation and growth.