ABSIP 2014 Bursary Fund

The Association of Black Securities and Investment Professionals (ABSIP), was formed in 1995 to address the apparent lack of skilled black securities and investment professionals. Today, ABSIP’s vision is to be the lead custodian of professional interest and black business in the Financial Services sector.

This vision is consistent with that of the founding years, as there is still a need to increase the number of Black entrants into the financial services sector. ABSIP therefore founded the bursary programme as one of initiatives to realise its vision.

The pillar upon which the bursary programme is built, is derived from the ABSIP mission statement: “To build leaders that shape the future of the financial services industry and the broader economy”. To this end, ABSIP has established a bursary scheme to support financially deserving and historically disadvantaged students who have demonstrated academic excellence and an interest in pursuing a career within the financial services sector, in order to further their studies at any recognised South African university.

The academic excellence prerequisite involves having achieved a good academic record at school level or at least a second class pass in university studies.

Through the bursary scheme, ABSIP aims to achieve its strategic objective of promoting careers in the financial services sector to historically disadvantaged students, and also to facilitate growth in the demographic representation of black professionals in the core strategic areas of the financial services sector. The bursary fund is managed by the ABSIP Bursary Committee whose members are drawn from the ABSIP National Executive Committee. Their responsibilities involve the interviewing and selection of potential bursary recipients.

To date, ABSIP has funded six students. They are pursuing their studies at the University of the Witwatersrand, University of Johannesburg and University of Pretoria. The bursary award is capped at R 50,000 per student and mainly covers tuition fees and book allowance. The relevant course of study for an ABSIP bursar is a financial degree or a related discipline, however a course of study that is considered critical or in short supply to the broader South African economy will also be considered. Bursars selected are expected to maintain satisfactory academic performance, to be ABSIP members in good standing and also to become involved in ABSIP activities.

Along with all the other ABSIP projects, we hope the bursary scheme will achieve its vision of being a leading custodian of professional interest and black business in the Financial Services sector.

Contact sonwabo@ubuntubusinessschool.co.za to apply!

Closing date for applications: 31st January 2014

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