UBUNTU Business School offers business related courses for aspiring entrepreneurs, managers, employees and job seekers to improve their skills, gain recognized qualifications and achieve their goals.

Why UBUNTU Business School?

  • We offer learning opportunities using a combination of contact, distance, and e-learning methods to suit challenging learning environments
  • Students are able to complete their qualifications online using their smartphone, tablet or PC
  • We focus to a large extent on Entrepreneurial Development through our New Venture Creation (NVC) Programme that includes SETA Accredited Unit Standards
  • We provide Business Development and Consulting services to assist Entrepreneurs in starting and growing profitably-sustainable businesses!

Our Team

The UBUNTU Business School team includes MBA graduates, SETA accredited trainers and experienced entrepreneurs who focus on delivering quality education through experiential learning initiatives. We create an opportunity for students to engage and apply academic understandings through hands-on experience, while simultaneously learning new information about their business environment. We have extensive experience in the areas of training, mentoring, business coaching and entrepreneurship, having worked with a number of entrepreneurs, cooperatives and small businesses in under-resourced communities, with organizations such as Awethu Project, Ditshaba Human Capital and Sakhisisizwe Projects. Through our holistic approach to business education we are able to ensure our students receive the highest quality learning experience.

The NVC Programme

The programme is based on SETA Accredited Unit Standards and is offered on NQF level 2 and NQF level 4 depending on our student’s background and prior learning. Students are able to complete a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) which enables them to receive recognition of existing competency regardless of where, how and when it was acquired.  The NVC Programme runs over a period of 6 months with the first 3 months focused on business theory and the development of business plans and the next 3 months on the implementation of such plans.

The programme aims to:

  • Develop appropriate skills and knowledge for the establishment and development of a new business
  • Addresses the economic, administrative and behavioural barriers that contribute to failures in starting and sustaining a new business
  • Create long-term solutions for job creation and SMME development via the building blocks and structure of a programme that addresses the learning requirements of budding entrepreneurs in a practical way

Socio-Economic Development (SED) and Enterprise Development (ED) 

Corporate Social Responsibility

UBUNTU Business School provides corporates with unique Enterprise Development (ED) and Socio Economic Development (SED) opportunities through Entrepreneurial Development Programmes. We deliver SETA Accredited Business Training supported by Business Development and Consulting services to assist under-resourced entrepreneurs to start and grow profitably-sustainable businesses.

Sponsor a Student

By sponsoring a student or contributing to the costs of their education you will be empowering an aspiring entrepreneur to improve their skills, gain recognized qualifications and achieve their goals. The complete NVC Programme costs R25 000 per student. Sponsors are able to fund an individual students participation in the programme or a group of students partnering on the same business venture. Your sponsorship will not only benefit the student and entrepreneur but will have a lasting impact on their local community through the formation of new businesses and the development of existing businesses, both resulting in job creation and employment opportunities.

NGO Support

UBUNTU Business School provides non-governmental, not-for-profit organizations access to accredited business training, development and consulting services for their beneficiary communities.

Fundraising Initiatives

The main objective is to raise funds for the delivery of New Venture Creation training to entrepreneurs from under-resourced communities in South Africa by offering brand exposure through media coverage of the specific challenge in return for their contribution or sponsorship.

Other ways to get involved

What is UBUNTU?

UBUNTU is a Nguni word from South Africa that speaks to our interconnectedness, our common humanity and the responsibility to each other that flows from our deeply felt connection. UBUNTU is consciousness of our natural desire to affirm our fellow human beings and to work and act towards each other with the communal good in the forefront of our minds.

The Collins English Dictionary suggests that UBUNTU is a noun describing humanity or fellow feeling, while the Oxford Dictionary portrays it as an activity that is characterized by sympathy, compassion and consideration for others.

Nelson Mandela suggests that there are various aspects of UBUNTU such as  respect, helpfulness, sharing, community, caring, trust and unselfishness.